Sunday, October 14, 2018


We, the church, the people of God, are the army of God.  Jesus said that all power in heaven and earth was given to Him and He has given that power and authority to us.  We have been called to follow in Jesus' footsteps and tell others about the Kingdom of God and, in fact, demonstrate - show by our lives- that Kingdom!

We are all  winners and conquerors!  We are called to defeat the devil and his works.  Are you standing against him and his works?  Are you declaring God's Kingdom come and His will be done? 

Ephesians 6:10 says that we, as the army of God, are strong in the Lord and His mighty power!  And we have the power to bring down any kingdoms that are not of God.   Just say "NO" in the Name of Jesus!

Monday, March 26, 2018

Proving Your Love !

Here we are nearing the end of Lent already!  Lent is a time of God calling us to be holy or separated out of this world more to Himself.  He is speaking to us and trying to show us what it is that He wants us to let go of.  

Are you listening?  What is it that pulls you away? This is a great opportunity to prove your love to Him by stepping away or letting go of whatever is moving you away from Him and His love for you.

He desires to be closer to you! You are all that matters to Him!  He is hoping for a great reunion/ greater union and oneness with you.   You are the apple of His eye and He can't wait to be closer to you in love.   So wonderful!  Take advantage of this special time with Him.  

Monday, February 5, 2018

In The Warmth Of His Love

February is the month of the year designated to and all about love. Our Lord is wanting us to know and experience His love for us.  He knows us and knows what we  need.  He has created us for love.  And He is the embodiment of love.  He wants to pour out that great love upon us.  

So open your heart to Him and He will give you His great blessings and love in a great outpouring and demonstration of that love.  

Be transformed, changed, by the warmth of His love for you as you place yourself in His loving presence each day.   Remember that He loves you with an everlasting love and is calling you to Himself.   Jeremiah 31:3 !!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Sons of God

Romans 8 tells us that we are sons of God and called by God to take authority over evil- to get rid of what is not of God and to be overcomers and conquerors in the Kingdom of God. 

We are sons of God and heirs of Christ operating and living in the Kingdom of God in His grace and might and power by the Holy Spirit.  We are free in Jesus to live life led by God's Holy Spirit setting others free and bringing forth God's will, plan and way.

This is our assignment according to Romans 8 - living according to the Holy Spirit or being led by the Holy Spirit.

Because God is our Heavenly Daddy (2 Corinthians 6:18) He dwells or lives in us and we are His vessels, His sons, who are called to work His works & be overcomers, bringing Him into the world over and over again just as Jesus did when He was on earth and stood and worked and walked in the mighty power and leading of the Holy Spirit.

Are you willing to be empowered and live in the mighty power of God's Holy Spirit today?  Will you be the mighty sons and daughters of your Heavenly Father, that He has desired and created you to be?  Don't shrink back, but stand up and move forward now, being led by the Holy Spirit!

 Listen and He will speak to you and lead you in the way you are to go.   And God will be mightily glorified!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Just Ask Me !!

Today there are so many things happening out in the world and in our lives.  It sometimes feels like we are not able to handle it all....   Well, we really are not!   That is where the Lord comes in.  He is wanting and waiting for us to call to Him for help in every little or big situation.  And when we do, He jumps right in and helps us each and every time.

Psalm 46:1 confirms that.  He is our refuge and strength and a very present help in time of need.
I continually hear Him say to me---JUST ASK ME !!  And so I do and He is always there to meet me - in my many times of need- every minute of the day.

Are you needing any help today?  JUST ASK HIM !!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Dwell in the Kingdom

Dwell in the Kingdom!  Live lavishly in the love and grace, and power and presence of the Lord.  Connect with Him.  Hear His voice.  Receive from Him as you ask (in prayer) for His help, His provision.  He will be there for you.  You are His favored (blessed) sons and daughters.  Yes,  sons and daughters of the King!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Entering In


   Our God is so desiring to be closer to us, His people - to be more involved in our lives and much closer to us at all times.  He desires that we open our hearts, minds & lives to Him each day so that He can enter in to our lives/world and be a part of it.  He longs to help us and to spend time with us.  He cares so much about us.

   Will you invite Him in today to share more of your life with Him?  He awaits your invitation.  

   See Him standing and waiting for you with open arms!

On earth as in heaven,